Sunday, June 16, 2013

Melty Hershey to melt your heart..

My Style Melty Hershey

My first attempt for the much talked about Melty Hershey..
Thanks to all other pro bakers & bloggers for sharing their recipe. My heartfelt thanks to Dr Hajar Ayub for introducing me to the blog and blogger who have been actively uploading and sharing their recipes.

I personally think Melty Hershey is a very dynamic recipe..You basically can throw in anything you  like and desire (in my case anything in the fridge and kitchen) into a box/cup/container, keep in fridge for a couple of hours and is ready to be served..

In this 1st experiment I used a combination of mixture non-diary whipping cream and cream cheese, mixture of choc ganache and non-diary whipping cream, fresh mango, mango filling, choc ganache and lots of pomegranate arils. 

In the nutshell, my style Melty Hershey is the mixture of layers as per below:

1. Base layer : Crushed Oreo biscuits + almond nibs + melted butter 

2. 2nd layer from bottom : mixture of non-diary whipping cream with cream cheese

3. 3rd layer from bottom : fresh mango pieces (squeezed half of lemon to the mango pieces before layering).

4. 4th layer from bottom : combination of mixture chocolate ganache with non-diary whipping cream and mixture of non-diary whipping cream with cream cheese - alternate mixture when layering.

5. 5th layer from bottom : ready-made mango filling

6. 6th layer @ top most layer : mixture of non-diary whipping cream with cream cheese. Decorate with Hershey chocolate syrup and lots of pomegranate arils. Keep in fridge for at least 2 hours before serving.

Few spoonfuls of my style Melty Hershey have melted my hubby & daughter hearts...Alhamdulillah, they liked it..

The 2nd serving in a smaller dessert bowl...

Enjoy!!..Have fun in the kitchen and do not limit your creativity with Melty Hershey..

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